Bars for Mars
Veronica Mars Newsfeed:
>>"Fans attempt to save Veronica Mars" from TV Blend
>>"TheIndianFoodStore supports us!" from AICN (*READ THIS!*)
>> Video: "Veronica Mars FBI Scoop!" from TV Guide
>> "VM creator mulls feature film" from TV Guide
>> "Here's What I Know" from E! Online
>> "The CW failed Veronica Mars" from TV Blend
>> "Give Veronica Mars a Full Season!" from Petition Online

"The Indian Food Store", an amazing online food store, is completely backing all of us with this Mars bar campaign and is already sending out over 3,000(!) individual Mars bars as of Thursday night. Bless their hearts. Their deadline to get this shipment out and onto The CW's office steps is Monday, so please get your orders in. If you enter their special VM coupon code, they are waiving the shipping fee completely! WOW!

Supreme Storage Containers Yakima WA
storage containers in Cerritos CA
Supreme Storage Containers Bolingbrook IL
Supreme Storage Containers West Jordan UT
Napa storage containers
storage containers Kenner LA
Victoria storage containers
storage container Huntsville AL
storage Lodi CA
storage container Murfreesboro TN
Coral Springs FL storage containers
storage Paramount
storage Galveston
storage containers in Johnson City
storage containers Pasadena CA
Thornton storage containers

Simply go to their site, order whichever quantity of Mars that you'd like (hint, hint), enter "VERONICA" as your coupon code at Amazon, and then enter Dawn Ostroff's mailing address that we have provided below. Easy as pie!

Spread the Word... Fast!
In order for us to get our show back, we need as many people as possible to send in their wrappers. This means that YOU have to spread the word and get others to join the fight! Please contact your local newspapers, CW affiliates, Kristin @ E! Online, Michael Aussiello @ TV Guide, your favorite message boards, MySpace and Facebook groups ...whoever or whatever you can think of!

Click here to obtain a PDF Mars bar wrapper to send to Dawn Ostroff Our Mission, Your Effort:
To save "Veronica Mars" from cancellation by sending The CW (specifically, Dawn Ostroff John Maata) as many "Mars" chocolate bar wrappers as we can before June 15. Click on the image to the left for a printable PDF if you cannot afford to buy a chocolate bar. Or print out a JPEG to send.

Send your wrappers to...
Mail Dawn: Dawn Ostroff
The CW Television Network
4000 Warner Boulevard, Bldg 168
Burbank, CA 91522-0002
Email Dawn:
Phone Dawn: 1-310-575-7000

Mail John Maata (Dawn's boss): John Maata
Chief Operating Officer
The CW Television Network
4000 Warner Boulevard, Bldg 168
Burbank, CA 91522-0002
Email John:

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